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Microwave moisture measurement MicroPolar Moist LB 568 system highlights The moisture measurement analyzer MicroPolar Moist LB 568 is applied when the bulk density vari Beside the moisture measurement by microwaves the system comprises also a radiometric unit to measure the area weight (mass per unit area)By , more than 600 coal analyzers were in use throughout the world Most of these analyzers are mounted around an existing conveyor belt, although a significant minority analyze sample streams taken from the main process stream References.

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Heat Eye The Heat Eye is a fully on-line instrument providing second-by-second measurement of the Ash, Moisture and Nett Calorific Value (Nett CV) ie the energy content of conveyed coal This it produces in real-time rather than by the traditional method of laboratory analysis This measurement is vital for decision makingGammaScan Duo Cross Belt Coal Ash & Moisture Analyser The GammaScanDuo is a non radiation coal and and moisture analyser that combines natural gamma technology and microwave technology measure ash and moisture in coal on a belt conveyor.

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The IR- moisture sensor has many areas of application including: belt conveyors, screw and drag conveyors, down chutes, storage bins and fluid-bed dryers Consult factory for your specific application At-line: The addition of the base and stand option provides instant off-line or at-line measurement under on-line operating conditionsConveyors For inprocess moisture measurement on conveyor belts PCE Instruments also offers contact or contactless moisture meters Depending on the material to be measured and the possible installation areas, the optimal model can be chosen.

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Microwave transmission measures the moisture in coal, in real time, on a conveyor A microwave transmitter is mounted underneath the conveyor belt and a microwave receiver is mounted above the coal on the conveyor By measuring variation in the absorption of the microwave signal moisture content in the coal is determinedThe MoistScan MA-500 online microwave moisture analyzer is ideal for use on non-conducting materials with low to medium moisture content and relatively low bed depth The online moisture meter is particularly well suited for analysis of most ranks and types of coal.

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